Arbor Springs

Water Delivery

Arbor Springs Water Company has been a part of the Ann Arbor landscape for nearly a century. Born as a sister company to the Artificial Ice Company, Arbor Springs began delivering Artesian Water from its own source, using a Model T delivery truck and a horse drawn wagon, in 1926. From the start, delivering the highest quality bottled water, reliably and economically, was the company’s trademark.

Today, we stand firm on that commitment. The belief that customer service is the highest priority is a guiding principle for our 16 employees. When you call Arbor Springs, you will be greeted by an employee – not a computer-generated voice.

When you buy from Arbor Springs, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality bottled water, backed by the best customer service available — a commitment demonstrated by our prompt delivery of every order.

Dedicated to protecting the environment and providing the highest standard of safety for our customers, Arbor Springs maintains active membership in the Michigan Water Quality Association to stay on the leading edge of industry developments and testing methodologies. Arbor Springs exceeds all federal, state and local requirements for bottled water.

We also are active supporters of important causes throughout greater-Southeastern Michigan; we believe in giving back to the communities that we do business in. To see a complete list of organizations and events supported by Arbor Springs, click here.

Arbor Springs still offers natural bottled water from our private Artesian source, but we also provide purified water from municipal sources. This is city water with mineral content removed through a Reverse Osmosis process. Whether you prefer Artesian Water or Purified Water, you can count on Arbor Springs for prompt delivery and courteous customer service.

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