Arbor Springs

The Ann Arbor-based Arbor Springs Water Company was founded in 1926 by Carl & Elsa Rehberg, who also owned the nearby Northern Brewery and Artificial Ice Company. These companies utilized the same Artesian water source that has made Arbor Springs so well known. With Prohibition ending the brewery’s life, and the growing movement toward home refrigeration making the ice company’s future somewhat uncertain, Rehberg shifted his focus to the central asset he had: delicious, clean bottled water from his Artesian well.

Old Arbor Springs Truck

Meeting a growing need, Arbor Springs provided bottled water and ice-cooled water coolers to businesses in Ann Arbor and greater-Washtenaw County, making deliveries with the same Model T truck that the brewery and ice company had used. While the company’s Artesian aquifer was its sole source of water in the early days, by the 30’s Arbor Springs was distilling city of Ann Arbor water to remove mineral content, and offering this high-quality Purified bottled water, as well.

Arbor Springs’ current owners, Bill and Judith Davis, bought the company in 1972. They have worked together with their sons and loyal employees to build it into a viable and service-oriented business.

Today, Arbor Springs serves offices, industrial locations, and homes throughout Southeastern-Michigan with Artesian and Purified bottled water products, water coolers and accessories.