Arbor Springs

As a leading provider of bottled water in the Southeastern-Michigan region, Arbor Springs and our personnel are often cited in news stories and industry reports; to read the latest news involving Arbor Springs and issues in the bottled water industry, please use the following links:

Getting The Facts Straight For Sound Water Policy

by By Merin Yu and Angela Logomasini, Ph.D.
Water Conditioning & Purification, October 2009

According to the environmentalist blog Treehugger, the world is suffering from a 'peak water crisis,' which implies that we could eventually run out of water. Read Full article

The Facts About Bottled Water Regulation

by Angela Logomasini, Ph.D.
Water Conditioning & Purification, June 2009

For decades, several environmental groups have claimed that US tap water presented a serious public safety hazard. Yet during the past several years, they have refocused efforts on attacking bottled water. Read Full article